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While monetary contributions may not be tax deductible (as of Dec 2018) they are used to maintain ProjectTN.com & to further the organization of the Native community in the Tennessee Valley & Smokies' Regions.


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TANASI - PO Box 2202 Cherokee NC 28719-2202

A "Grassroots" organization recognized On 18 Dec 2018 by leaders from the National American Indian Movement*.

The Alliance Of Native Americans Seeking Interaction



The Tennessee Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction became a reality on 1 September 2017 after community members became perpetually frustrated at the lack of information & social services available to Enrolled Federally & State Recognized Native Americans living in Tennessee.  Heavily influenced by leaders of the American Indian Movement, TANASI's main purpose is to connect neighboring tribal members with the resources available for our people.  TANASI's secondary goals are to be a central focal point for our state wide community as a form of uncensored (but respectable) communication regarding IHS, Veterans Affairs, Archaeology, Available Employment, Cultural Events, and yes - even entertainment. TANASI was Sanctioned by the National American Indian Movement as the recognized Chapter of Tennessee & Western North Carolina on 18 December 2018. 

*source: 2016 Special Census by US GAO based on estimated rapid growth population numbers of the State of Tennessee 

Executive Director -

Haloka Nakanchi

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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