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While monetary contributions may not be tax deductible (as of Dec 2018) they are used to maintain ProjectTN.com & to further the organization of the Native community in the Tennessee Valley & Smokies' Regions.


All Federal Taxation Guidelines are being observed.

All Federal Trademark laws are being observed.

Image of individual contained on this URL domain does not indicate membership.

Please write your official & notarized request for removal to

TANASI - PO Box 2202 Cherokee NC 28719-2202

A "Grassroots" organization recognized On 18 Dec 2018 by leaders from the National American Indian Movement*.

Recent Podcasts

We may have had a little too much fun with the banter of this specific wanna-be....but it made for an entertaining evening.

Don't poke the bear.....

Just don't do it.

Charlie Pressley really needs to "give it up". Yes - we know, he is a disgruntled "Sovereign Citizen" who was once a contractor for the United States. 

It is unlawful to conduct and/or be affiliated with a banking business in Georgia without a bank charter - http://bank...

That time Heavy D Reed sketches something so badazz you gotta make it into merch. Git-yers and support the TN/WNC American Indian Movement at www.teespring.com/white-eagle-rises promocode: AIM4LIFE gets free rush shipping. Proceeds from each sale goes to the White Eagl...

It has come across the attention of our Security personnel that many from the west coast are stating that a so-called Ami Dayton is attached to our Chapter.

She is not - and has not been since early December 2018.  While she was initially invited to help work on some pr...

So late 2018 year we got a tip from an Sicangu to go check out a potential Ally in Macon County TN.  This alleged ally has property about 5 miles from where Haloka was raised so naturally she checked it out. 


June 27, 2019

Helping the children that are being taken away from their families who are seeking asylum.


Project:TANASI and The American Indian Movement of TN & WNC are one-in-the-same. New logos to appear next month. Please don't have panic attacks because we are changing names - it's just not "that serious". This organizations path was well on the way to becoming an AIM...

January 16, 2019

Anti Native Legislation

Reversal of DAPL ruling

Scale back IHS/Medicaid on reservations.

Sold Bears Ears National Monument.

Canceled a coal ash clean up on the Moapa River Reservation.

Permanently evacuating Native villages in Alaska for ANWAR exploration.

“They don’t look l...

January 12, 2019

This time around I contact you with a completely random email on behalf of my cousin.

Representative Briggs introduced this bill about criminalizing raw milk.  I thought my cousin was kidding. Then I found the articles.   Tennessee would be the 7th state with such laws....

11 - 13 January 2019 there will be a group converge on the traditional lands of the Colorado River Indians Tribes in remote Southeastern California. They are charging $200 for a three day pass (or $75 for a one day pass) to view the Intaglios in the area.

First problem...

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The Call for the national boycott of the NAIA TN State Powwow for fraud.

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