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A "Grassroots" organization recognized On 18 Dec 2018 by leaders from the National American Indian Movement*.

Open letter to WWTN's Dan Mandis & Crew.

October 4, 2017

Before  I hear something about “those pesky liberals” changing the great “institution” of Columbus Day in Nashville to Indigenous Day, I wanted to say that I was one of the “organizers” in that group of “pesky liberals”.



Yep, good old Amy from South Nashville - your faithful Conservative Choctaw Commenter  that brought you your venison.   I want to personally thank you for not hiring me for that PRN News announcer spot last year, because in doing so - I lost everything.  But in losing everything - I found my voice.


And changing the future of course of history, is just as important (if not more so) than reporting it.


Regardless of my citizen in a Native American tribe or not, it has never made sense to me why America recognizes a man who was  traveling to Japan (with 3 boatloads of convicts) and wrecked on an island in the Bahamas.  Columbus never even set foot in the Americas.  He traveled west from the renamed Hispanola to the shores of South & Central America before giving up and back east.  

He never got off the boat after he left “Hispanola”.   


It would have made more sense to call it DeSoto Day or Conquistador Day or even Roanoke Day, if the government wanted to honor the first Anglos,  but not Columbus Day.


I’ve been a long enough listener than I know Mrs. Bozeman is Native (and Mrs. DelGiorno, too).  That’s why I’d like to encourage you guys at WWTN to find out more at  http://ProjectTANASI.wixsite.com/home


Project:TANASI is my little side project that has 75 members - I started with 12 people on September 1st, 2017.  I started it while I was unemployed for 3 months & couch surfing after being priced out of my neighborhood.  The majority of us are enrolled Native people and encompass a diverse spectrum of political standings - from Workers’  World, Party for Socialism & Liberty, The Democrat National Party, The Green Party, to even me a Libertarian.    We all have a common goal to reclaim visibility to a people that is almost always overlooked.  For example, how the Washington Redskins can talk about Racial unity fascinates me.  If they were the Washington Honkies or the Washington JiveTalkers all heck would break loose!


Maybe Columbus day isn't a high priority to those outside the Native community but for those of us who see the daily reports of Native Women being sexually trafficked, no prospects of Jobs to reservations, and Radioactive/Crude Oil pollution on what was pristine rivers - it's a step in the right direction to reduce our invisibility.

I've written a report (April 2017, Volunteer State Comm.College) on the effects of the Radioactive & Crude Oil pollution in "Indian Country" - it's also available on the Tennessee Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction's website.


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