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Still waiting on a response to TDoA's "Misinformation"

January 5, 2018

First and foremost, I would like to remind you that  the Tennessee Native History Association extended an invitation to meet with local Native American leaders, which you "blew off" - we have been patiently waiting for a response and not once have you obliged.


In fact we have been waiting since 8 October 2017 for you to respond to our request to meet regarding this issue of Mound Bottom.


Instead today you post - publicly - about "misinformation".  


So, I am sending a group email to you (Mike Moore), Attorney Albert Bender, and Tennessee Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction, and the American Indian Movement Grand Council and the American Indian Movement of Kentucky/Indiana so that there are witnesses to the original wording of this initial communication attempt.  So if there has been any "misinformation" it is squarely at the blame of the Tennessee Department of Archaeology with their blatant disregard of the Tennessee laws.


 For refreshment to the subject I sent a copy of the original correspondence I sent on 28 October 2017.


Attached is the information we had to go on - from Aaron Deter Wolf (who still never responded to the email, by the way) - which is a blatant disregard of Tennessee Code Annotated 11-6-116 (c) regarding charging admission to see artifacts.

Also a blatant disregard to Tennessee Code Annotated 11-6-117, where there is no mention of the Tribal government that approved the so-called tour.


One of Tennessee Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction (Project:TANASI)  members, a Muskogee CDIB holder, had been in contact with Muskogee Creek Nation regarding the "tour" and their council member for tribal members at large referred her to the Tribal Historical Preservation office - the THPO for MCN contacted TDoA and upon threatening legal ramifications - then and only then -  they cancelled the project.



Mr. Moore is obviously unaware of that.   Our position was always regarding the TCA violations. He needs to communicate with Aaron Deter Wolf (who is the point of contact on the attached items).


TDoA also needs to communicate with local Native leaders (another major failure on their part) in addition to respective indigenous tribes of each local (juridical) district within the state boundaries of Tennessee. 



It is amazing to me, that in 2017 during an age of "information overload", that Tennessee Department of Archaeology does not see fit to pick up the phone and call the indigenous tribes for permission to dig artifacts or show technology that will locate artifacts.   I have the number for the Muskogee Creek Nation (1-800-482-1979)  it's available on their website - https://www.mcn-nsn.gov


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