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Grandmother SilverStar - An Open Letter.

October 31, 2018

Sent today to Unity of Music City in Old Hickory, TN. 


Halito! Chim Achukma? 



I am a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, on the board of directors for the American Indian Movement Chapter of Kentucky & Indiana, and the Chairwoman of The Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction (ProjectTN.com) that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. We boast nearly 200 members and are a forefront  grassroots organization for the growing 6,000-10,000 strong Federally Recognized Native American Population of Tennessee. 

I am contacting you with regard to the upcoming event with a so-called "Grandmother SilverStar" from Ashland Missouri who alleges Cherokee Heritage.  Like Elizabeth Warren, she holds no verifiable citizenship. 

I know that she is connected to Loren Zephier, a Lakota Citizen that goes by the name of “Golden Light Eagle”, however that does not justify that she is a shaman, a medicine woman, or anything of the sort.  As a side note, traditional medicine people from any nation typically do not charge monetary amounts for their contributions.  Cherokees do not refer to women of that status as “Grandmother”. (And I include myself as among Cherokee as I do have verifiable lineage.)  And Cherokees – in general – have no reason to tell stories about Iktomi, the Lakota trickster, yet Iktomi is listed on her event flyers as a topic.  Iktomi is not part of our Cherokee culture.

The American Indian Movement Chapter of Ohio has had multiple issues with new-age frauds involved with Loren Zephier's "Star Knowledge" in the past regarding how badly trashed the Serpent Mound is left after the “Star Knowledge” people leave the area.  And I would hate to encourage those same types of individuals to find refuge in Nashville.

So please consider doing a simple Google search about this woman.  She is on the Fraud radar on many fronts.


Yakoke Chito!

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