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While monetary contributions may not be tax deductible (as of Dec 2018) they are used to maintain ProjectTN.com & to further the organization of the Native community in the Tennessee Valley & Smokies' Regions.


All Federal Taxation Guidelines are being observed.

All Federal Trademark laws are being observed.

Image of individual contained on this URL domain does not indicate membership.

Please write your official & notarized request for removal to

TANASI - PO Box 2202 Cherokee NC 28719-2202

A "Grassroots" organization recognized On 18 Dec 2018 by leaders from the National American Indian Movement*.

Autonomous AIM (the 1968 standard)

National American Indian Movement Chapters aka “Autonomous”

(in other words, chapters that started under the original confederation of 1968 guidelines)

AIM – Seattle

AIM – Portland Oregon

AIM – Northern California

AIM – Bakersfield

AIM – Alcatraz

AIM – Arizona

AIM - Colorado

AIM - Grassroots

AIM - Pine Ridge

AIM - Rosebud

AIM - South Dakota

AIM - North Dakota

AIM - StandingRock

AIM - Cheyenne River

AIM – Texas

AIM – Oklahoma

Anonymous Indian Movement (Oklahoma – Durant Area)

AIM – North East OK

AIM – Indian Territory

AIM – Minnesota (the territory outside Minneapolis)

AIM – The Alliance of Native Americans Seeking Interaction (TANASI of Western North Carolina, All of Tennessee, and Northern Alabama)

AIM – Florida

AIM – West Virginia Horse Nation

AIM – Pennsylvania

AIM – Lancaster County PA

AIM – Akwesasne (NY State)

AIM – New Hampshire

AIM - Canada

AIM - Political Security

AIM - Toronto

AIM - Germany

....along with the thousands of AIMsters who do not need a chapter backing to make their voices heard!





---- These are the GGC (2003 Anthony Baird Owned Corporation) Franchise holders.

Kentucky/ Indiana - Led by Thomas Edward Pearce of the Sierra Club.

Ohio (We still Love you Philip – we have no beef!)

Michigan (Love you guys in Michigan, too. I got Family there!)


Dave’s bunch (Central Texas?)

And the Interpretive Center.

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