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While monetary contributions may not be tax deductible (as of Dec 2018) they are used to maintain ProjectTN.com & to further the organization of the Native community in the Tennessee Valley & Smokies' Regions.


All Federal Taxation Guidelines are being observed.

All Federal Trademark laws are being observed.

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Please write your official & notarized request for removal to

TANASI - PO Box 2202 Cherokee NC 28719-2202

A "Grassroots" organization recognized On 18 Dec 2018 by leaders from the National American Indian Movement*.

Fraud Watch #1 for 2019


11 - 13 January 2019 there will be a group converge on the traditional lands of the Colorado River Indians Tribes in remote Southeastern California. They are charging $200 for a three day pass (or $75 for a one day pass) to view the Intaglios in the area.


First problem - the money does NOT got to any legitimate Native American groups. Loren Zephier "Golden Light Eagle" is the only federally enrolled native of the group. 


2nd Problem - Grandmother Silverstar  (who's video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1f6aP6-Xjs)  - while teaching a hijacked & cherry-picked  mishmosh of Cherokee Creationism, Lakota Spider Medicine, and Japanese Hands doctrine  - is not a citizen of any of those ancestral lines.


3rd Problem -  Star-Elders.com has had their website suspended for non payment.


4th Problem -  https://www.starknowledge.org/events-main/  Medicine People do not charge money for advice.


5th Problem - for those of you in the "know" know about Steve McCullough.   Yes, it's the "same group".


6th Problem - Not only is it the same group, but they are already charging admission to their shindig at Serpent Mound in Ohio for the Spring Equinox (Choctaw New Year).








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