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Raw Milk: a criminal bill in TN.

January 12, 2019

This time around I contact you with a completely random email on behalf of my cousin.

Representative Briggs introduced this bill about criminalizing raw milk.  I thought my cousin was kidding. Then I found the articles.   Tennessee would be the 7th state with such laws.


My cousin - who lives in middle Tennessee - is now petrified that she is now going to be jailed because she makes her own dairy products with the milk cows they have.   It would not only hurt her pocket book - but honestly the bill sounds a little "too lobbied" for the initial glance over. 


In addition to the dozens of Dairy Farms in Tennessee, there are numerous Amish and Mennonite communities  - are they going to be criminalized because they don't load up in the family car and go to buy paper and plastic jugs of milk?  Should the e.Coli "break out" that affected 15 kids and 1 adult (which was proven to be a secondary case because they didn't properly sanitize) in Knox county penalize the entire state - all because a few people didn't know to boil their milk? 



With all the issues Tennessee faces right now - is this really one that should be focused on? 


Yes, e.Coli can be deadly - in this specific case it was not.  However - I don't think that all 96 counties should suffer additional costs for living - simply because a few people didn't boil milk before consumption.


A think a warning label from dairy-share community farm producers would be more than suffice.  I just can't see  Davidson, Knox, or even Rutherford County Jails booking on the charge of "drinking raw milk".




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